the tv psychologist was trying to be on the children’s side when she said their drawings from inside the cage were regressed for their age but she was wrong because she probably had never been as hungry as long as those children before they got here which means the drawings were not a thermometer of their fever but an xray of why they were trying to live here instead of where they were not strange yet but too small fruit

they crossed the border without knowing their God is also not spoken fluently here we too should face facts that anyone who can take a life and be untouched by the taking is God and if you don’t believe then watch how we gather in groups passionate in our shout of God’s presence in every life of our lives look at God because church we are God fearing also remember when God takes our children it feels like more than 10 percent of our dark precious we’re brought to our knees in the give and there is a man like the He God is yes there is a man in charge under this roof telling us what the rules are because our God raised the dead in His own image

when we celebrate the birth of this nation the children behind their bars who draw like starvation won’t see the pretty colors bursting in the sky but if they could it would look like a gun firing at them from heaven