“The late literary icon Toni Morrison expressed that a writer’s work is not to imagine what is there and what is not, but it is the “becoming” of words that is the task of the writer. boy is the “becoming” of a language that connects solace and hostilities into social groundings of self and community awareness. This collection of poetry assumes the shapes of uninformed justices and is purposefully restricted to the space of intellectual transformation. Donny has given us a genuine preserve for the art form of poetry that empowers people to “take up more space – be zion like mountain -less move -less shrink -less ignore.”
– Nikki Skies, Playwright, Poet and author of The Town Dance

“A bright gem. A deep breath. A song in the night. Donny Jackson’s boy gives us new energy for a time such as this.”
– Valarie Kaur, Civil rights activist and founder of the Revolutionary Love Project

boy is a brilliant collection. The author explores the politics of identity using a motley of stories that create a mosaic of human existence. boy provides a wonderful synopsis of what it means to be marginalized in America, offers the reader an opportunity to further understand how it feels to exist in these spaces and provides a perspective that is simultaneously unique and familiar. The detailed narratives and imagery confluence to make this book an absolute joy to read.”
– Rudy Francisco, National Underground Poetry Slam Champion, Individual World Poetry Slam  
   Champion, author of Helium

“Put simply, Donny Jackson is a dangerous writer.”
– Buddy Wakefield, three time world champion spoken word artist, author of A Choir of Honest Killers

Compressed. Reflecting the eye of the documentarian who knows “i am news for not being new.” Coded. Asking “if this is innocent how much more erase would guilty be,” while channeling the assassinated passions of lives lost to state violence, lives lost to patriarchal violence. Unflinching. Calling us to be courageous and aware and generous enough to “stop and be music with me.”
– Peter J. Harris, founder, The Black Man of Happiness Project; author, The Black Man of Happiness: In Pursuit of My ‘Unalienable Right,’ winner, 2015 American Book Award

“Say their name. Say their name. Say their name. This is what Donny Jackson’s poems do. They say the names of the slain turned headlines and hashtags, but Jackson has immortalized them and their stories, which have become our stories. He places the reader in the cell with Kalief Browder, poolside with Dajerria Becton, and the home of a patrolman’s wife. His poems take us from Puerto Rico to Texas, while some poems contain the rhythm of a Hughes poem.”
– Luivette Resto, author of Ascension and Unfinished Portrait

“Donny Jackson’s boy has a way of ripping out your soul, shredding it, and nurturing it back to form an entirely new existence. His words are Powerful. Gripping. Devastating. Illuminating. Healing. You must experience boy.”
– Jim Clemente, author of Call Me God

“In Donny Jackson’s boy the reader is given an extraordinary gift. The opportunity to be equally stimulated both emotionally AND intellectually is rare contemporary creative writing. Donny masters it! From start to finish, you’ll think deeply and feel even deeper… culminating in a transformative and entirely unique journey. “
– Eboni K. Williams, Co-host, State of the Culture, author of Pretty Powerful: Appearance, Substance, and Success